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How To Save Mobile Phone From Water or Liquid Damage? Follow Mobile Repairing Tips!

Repairing water damage mobile phones is surely not less than any nightmare! Whether you are an expert mobile engineer or the user, it is best to trail the best mobile repairing tips to help your phone dry out. This article will be your next guide as how to save liquid spills on mobile phones. Honestly, because we understand phones are not FREE!

Quick Steps to Follow before Starting Phone Repairing Tips:

Firstly, you have no time to sit and think that you need to contact the engineers or the shop in the evening. It is best to follow some of the quick steps because 30 SECONDS are enough to damage your handset. Within this small fraction , the water or any liquid is enough to enter the hardware of the phone. So, what to do?

First Step: Isolate the Phone from the Liquid:

Don’t let the device float or remain in water or any other liquid from the next second of dropping. Get the device goes out of the water as soon as possible.

 Second Step: Battery Removal Process:

The power source – the battery is what that operates the cell phone. Hence, remove the battery and put in the open area to dry out own its own.

Third Step: Remove Memory and SIM Cards:

Apart from battery, remove memory and SIM cards to avoid further damage. The importance of removing these SIM cards will be told in the later mobile repairing tips.

Fourth Step: De-fix the External Covers:

In case, the accident happened when the phone was covered with external cover then remove it too. There should be no connector attached to the same.

Fifth Step: Pat Dry Outside in Open

Now, mobile repairing tricks include making your phone pat dry in open.

How to Dry The Phone – Some Phone Repairing Tips?

How to dry the handset is a bit tricky but important. The best part is that you can carry out the drying options yourself in the phone such as:

Try a Compressed Air Can: It is to help force the liquid came out of the port such as microphone, speaker, a microphone, and other openings.

Dry Soak – Easiest of All:

Dry soak concept concentrates on using a product having high liquid absorbing power. Use products such as rice and silica gel and soak the device in a container. Turn the phone upside down so that each component gets dried properly.

Do Test With Dry Towels or Napkins:

After 12 hours, do test the phone by using a paper napkin or a dry towel. If there is no moisture then you are likely to turn on the phone and enjoy the phone functionality once again.

So, the above mobile repairing tips for water damaged phones or likewise will surely work for you. Do remember, drying out with a hair dryer or any other electronic equipment can damage the inner components owing to the static electricity concept. For more details, read hitech mobile repair tricks and techniques online!

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